The Home Doctor Book Review

Discover how this information-packed book can help you and your loved manage medical emergencies when help is nowhere in sight!

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In the olden days and before people became over reliant on modern medicines for their health, human beings were generally self-reliant. They learned ways to manage common issues including how to:

  • Relieve pain
  • Stop wounds from bleeding
  • Apply a stitch
  • Control blood pressure

With modern medicine now becoming more revered and commonplace, these basics have largely been forgotten. What if someone runs out of insulin, has a stroke, a seizure, or suffers burns without hope of a doctor arriving? If this worries you sometimes, then we have amazing news for you.

The Home Doctor Book is exactly what you need for when you cannot access (or just hate seeing) doctors. This book is intended to help people take care of themselves when there is no hope of medical assistance or while waiting for help to arrive.

Its authors take into account the possibility of these kinds of situations and teach you practical solutions to such sudden health problems.

The Home Doctor Book Review

Home Doctor Book Review

For starters, this is a practical 304-page e-book that shares about the human anatomy and emergency first aid procedures to increase your chances of saving yourself or your loved ones lives. Inside, you will self-educate on how to deal with unforeseen medical situations in their earliest stages.

You will also learn how to prevent such conditions from coming back in the future by discovering natural wellness solutions, alternative treatment, and beneficial herbs and other plants to grow in your backyard.

Put simply, the Home Doctor Guide is everything you need at home to deal with all manner of illnesses. It answers your medical queries and lays out the steps to follow to keep the people in your life safe.

Meet The Authors

The Home Doctor book is authored by certified medical doctors which means their information is tested and accurate. The three authors are Dr. Maybell Nieves, Dr. Rodrigo Alterio and the hugely popular Claude Davis of Ask a Prepper blog.

Dr. Maybell Nieves

The head surgeon of the Breast Pathology Unit and a general surgeon at Caracas University Hospital, Venezuela, Dr. Maybell is the lead creator of the Home Doctor book. She’s best known for pioneering ingenious methods of treatment after Venezuela’s economic collapse which left hospitals in dire need of water, electricity, medicine, and other supplies.

To deal with the situation, she developed medical procedures which don’t require a doctor’s assistance and which are now used all over the world.

Dr. Rodrigo Alterio

Dr. Rodrigo is a Surgical Oncologist at the UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, Texas. Previously, he was a primary physician for indigenous communities in the Amazon Jungle who had no hospitals.

He has also worked with the Green Cross as a lead paramedic where he treated injured protestors as well as law enforcement officials.

Dr. Rodrigo is well-conversant in how to work with little to no medical supplies and using nature as a remedy.

Claude Davis

Claude is an expert in survival and natural remedies and the editor of and

He is a specialist in sharing the medical remedies his forefathers used and believes that traditional practices would be ahead of modern medicine if fully embraced.

The Venezuela economic collapse crisis led him and other survivalists to educate people on how nature can help them in times of crisis.

What You’ll Learn Inside The Home Doctor Guide

The book comes with a huge collection of simple and practical ways to meet first aid needs. It gives you the information you need to choose between professional treatment and self-treatment.

  • Inside, you will learn how to improve your hygiene, treat common ailments like diarrhea, set broken bones in place without medical assistance and manage diabetes and blood pressure without modern medication.
  • Since a first aid kit is a necessity in each home, the doctors show you how to assemble a medical kit and what items to give priority.
  • There is a lot of information on how to make recipes to relieve the common cold and flu and how to make herbal treatments to heal wounds and bee stings.
  • You will also learn how to light a fire without matches or lighters. Important if you are stranded in a remote area.
  • The doctors have been very careful to explain the symptoms of each disease in this guide to avoid misdiagnosing yourself or others. For instance, you learn how to recognize and stop a stroke or heart attack by recognizing the first two symptoms.

Please note: This book is not meant to replace a doctor but rather to help you during emergencies, or if in a place with limited medical infrastructure.

Benefits of Using The Home Doctor Guide

  • The information in this book will help you save lives when medical attention is not immediately available.
  • The guide teaches households to become self-sufficient instead of always relying on modern medicine.
  • Learn simple procedures that will prevent future occurrences of common ailments. This helps you and your loved ones reduce the number of hospital visits.
  • Families get a sense of safety from this information if an emergency occurs and there is no doctor in sight.
  • Managing common illnesses and using natural remedies helps cut down on medical expenses.

Pros and Cons of Using This Book


  • Accurate information written by certified medical doctors
  • Available in physical and digital formats
  • Easy to follow instructions written in simple English
  • Comes with illustrations to enhance understanding
  • Backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Price is quite affordable


  • Physical books are limited in number
  • Can only be purchased from the creators’ website

The Home Doctor Book Bonuses

For a limited time, if you order a copy of the Home Doctor:
Practical Medicine for Every Household, you get two amazing gifts for free:

Wild Edibles You Can Forage or Find Around Your House

Identify wild edibles through this book and take advantage of your backyard to grow them.

Natural Healing Secrets of Native Americans

Inside this free book, you will discover powerful natural medicine used by the natives before the rise of modern medicine.

Is There a Refund Policy?

You bet there is! And yes, the authors of this book are so confident this book will prove valuable that they’re happy to offer you a full refund guarantee if it fails:

If within 60 days after purchasing the book you are not satisfied with it, send an email and you will be given a full refund. Besides, if you use the information in the book to take care of your health issues and you don’t save at least $37, the creators are happy to refund your investment in full and you still keep your book. No questions asked!

Verdict: Is Home Doctor Book Worth The Money?

Absolutely! The Home Doctor guide can be trusted because its authors are experts in what they do and boast extensive knowledge and experience in the medical field. They have worked under conditions where medical supplies, water, and electricity were not available and this forced them to use the alternatives they have discussed in this book.

Their content is supported by several medical institutions who have confirmed it to be true and the authors made sure to get an approval of its validity from other practicing physicians.

Almost all the Home Doctor Book reviews are positive up to date. Most readers say the guide has an easy-to-read format which makes it easy to follow. All these facts combined mean this book is legit.

So what’s stopping you from protecting your life and those of your loved ones?

Physical & Digital Book 

Official Package : The Home Doctor™ Latest Edition

Today: $37.00

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